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The history of NATA is one that reflects the history of South Africa itself. In the 1980s, after forty years of apartheid, black and coloured students faced huge barriers to get a quality education. Arts and culture training in the townships was actively blocked and censorship was in place, and performance became a way to debate ideas and challenge the regime.

Mavis Taylor, the Head of Drama at UCT, passionately believed that all young people deserved the opportunity to study, and took drama training to the young people prevented from coming to centres of education such as UCT. She recognised the need for professional vocational training in performing arts, as well as an approach to theatre that was relevant to all the people of the city, the province and the nation. In 1987 she set up NATA to fill this need.

In 1994 South Africa faced a need to break down the divisions of apartheid and colonialism, to come to terms with multiple experiences and viewpoints, and to give young people the skills to contribute to a new South Africa. NATA recognised that our role was to promote, train and use performing arts skills as a means of healing and transformation.

NATA is in it for the long haul. Youth development is more crucial than ever before, and the need for discussion and reconciliation remains. We will continue to work towards a society that lives the ideals of our Constitution.




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