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Past productions

Past productions

NATA Productions

Our stage productions are an important part of our work.

They contribute to social awareness, debate and development, bring theatre to new audiences, and allow our graduates and other professionals to develop their skills through performance as well as gaining professional work.



October 2011


CABOOSE by Ian Bruce with music and songs by Naren Sewpaul

In 2001, a gunman associated with taxi bosses shot and killed a bus driver in Khayalitsha. Over the years since then buses have been regularly caught in the crossfire of protest and strike action, and a number have been stoned or burned or both. CABOOSE, a drama with music and dance, brings these circumstances to bear in a tense story of modern bus people trapped, on their way home in their caboose, by both a hostile crowd of protestors bent on arson and a hi-jacker.


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